Changing the quality of life with light

Less Energy. Faster Growth. Healthier Plants

   And that’s not just marketing-speak. Total Grow has proven itself to commercial greenhouse growers, university PhD’s, and specialty growers. All have seen a significant difference in growth rates, rooting, plant health, morphological control, and operating costs. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Click here and you can read and hear the testimonials yourself. Less energy, faster growth and healthier plants – a growers dream come true.

What Light Should be...

   Looking for that familiar warm incandescent experience for living space lighting with only 10W of energy instead of 75W? Because Venntis Technologies can create light in virtually any color spectrum, the application of our technology is limited only by your imagination. And because of the inherit characteristics of creating an omnidirectional light pattern, VT's volumetric scattering optic overcomes the common LED challenges of glare, multiple shadows and highly directional or spotlight affect while preserving the efficiency and longevity of LEDs.

ReCreational Lighting Solutions...

   Whether it’s for the homes you tote or boats you float, Gumdrop lighting can add hours of fun by extending the life of your recreational battery. Specifically designed for 12V DC world predominantly used in RVs and watercraft, Venntis Technologies' patented scattering optic capitalizes on the efficiency, low power consumption and ruggedness inherent in LEDs while uniformly distributing light without the glare. From masthead lighting to living space illumination, Gumdrop Lighting is the ideal recreational lighting solution.